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Release Date: November 22, 2011

Press Release

AccuFund Honored with Campbell Award for Favorable Customer Feedback

Nonprofits Across the U.S. Rate Accounting Solutions


VALENCIA , CA – AccuFund, a fund accounting suite designed specifically for nonprofit organizations and government agencies, has been honored with a Campbell Award for exceptional customer feedback. The award is based on the high proportion of AccuFund customers that say they would recommend the product to others, determined by independent polling conducted by the research firm Campbell Rinker.

"Customer service is a top priority for AccuFund, we want every client to feel that they are a top priority for us." says Peter J. Stam, President of AccuFund, Inc. makers of the AccuFund Accounting Suite. "Our support, new product enhancements and training programs are all geared to maintaining satisfied customers."

The study also found that 8% of nonprofits use an Internet-based accounting solution, as opposed to using software installed on a local computer or server. This number is double the 4% that reported using similar Internet-based solutions just two years ago in a 2009 Campbell Rinker study.

"The willingness of a customer to recommend a product to their peers is one of the single best measurements of product quality," said Dirk Rinker, President of Campbell Rinker. "The Campbell Award honors products that truly excel in this regard, and we congratulate AccuFund for this outstanding achievement."

Details about the study's comprehensive report, which is available to software companies, can be found at:

Conducted online during August and September of 2011, the study surveyed 1,987 users and purchase decision makers for accounting software products at U.S. nonprofits. Survey topics included user satisfaction, feature preferences, purchasing habits, and organizational dynamics. Eighty-six percent of survey respondents say they influence purchase decisions for accounting solutions at their organization.

More information about the AccuFund Accounting Suite, all of the available components, and free webinar schedule can be found at the company's website,, or by calling 877-872-2228 x215.

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